A Place of Superlatives: Death Valley

DeathValley has the hottest climate among other National Parks of the United States. It is the place of the lowest point of the North America. Therefore, a tourist can find here a lot of superlatives in a winter time when Death Valley is overcrowded by its visitors. In summer you can hardly enjoy staying there.

Take a car and drive a few hours from Los Angeles or Las Vegas to the place of the nature beauty. The California state is well known for the Death Valley National Park and you can easily find a lot of guided tours, vacation trips and spend a great time in winter or spring when the lowlands are blooming with thousands of plant species. In my term papers essay I wanted to mention not only the attraction and scenery of this nature heritage, a tourist has to consider a harsh climate of the valley and take a plenty of water before visiting this desolate land. If you have a full tank of fuel, you can start your trip.

What will you find in extremely hot land? A lot of essay academic wriitngs describe Death Valley’s amazing sand dunes. The lowest point of the valley is covered by the white salt that also has terrifying name, Bad Water. If you are a fan of extreme, you should settle in one of the camping grounds. Moreover, you will save a fortune in comparison to a pricy accommodation facility.